Sunday, August 3, 2008

Orleans County Quests: Troy River Road Quest

As the Missisquoi River flows north to Canada it comes to an 80 foot gorge in North Troy. This is where Big Falls State Park is and was the site for our Friday quest. Wingnut took the trail down the gorge to the river to find the treasure box, which was not there. Above and below you see the rapids at the top of the gorge.

The state, despite designating this area a state park, has not installed any safety devices at all. There is nothing preventing anyone from slipping on wet rocks and falling off of the cliff into the gorge.

Above, I sam standing on a cliff over the 80 foot gorge (24.4 m) and holding my camera above and away from me to see the falls. Being afraid of heights, this was enough adventure for me.

I walked with Wingnut down the trail a bit until I looked down the side of the trail to the bottom of the gorge (above).

The forest at the top of the gorge in the park.
There were marvelous mushrooms here that I photographed.

Here, Wingnut is waiting for me to toss down the quest book so that he and Matt can study it to find the treasure box (below). However, there was no treasure box to be found.

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Big Falls State Park: Sixteen acres, Town of Troy. This site includes the largest undammed cascade and gorge remaining on a major Vermont river. The area includes big old hemlock and white pine trees. The plant life in this Natural Area is diverse and includes several uncommon species. The falls are a popular recreation attraction (swimming, fishing and viewing) as the site is readily accessible from Vermont Route 105. (Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, Lands Administration Division).

Down the road is the The River Road Bridge (also called the Schoolhouse Bridge), built in 1910, which carries Vielleux Road across the Missisquoi River. Lattice work truss.

Fall Guy, an article about waterfalls in Vermont.

Wingnut photos can be seen at meeyauw — Troy River Road Quest
Also, visit my Flickr Troy River Road Quest set and Mushroom Set

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