Thursday, August 14, 2008

Haskell Free Library & Opera House

Matt & I went to see a QNEK Production of the Mikado at the Haskell Opera House (the 2nd and 3rd floors of this building). The building sits astride the Canadian/US border. Inside we sat in the balcony in Canada. Parking is a problem. I took the photo from the US but the cars on the left in the photo are parked in Canada and have to go through Canadian and US customs to return to the US. Or suffer a $5,000 fine (even if your foot goes over the border you have to report to both customs — a challenge I resisted but wish I had challenged). You don't have to report to customs (yet) if you sit on the Canadian side inside the Opera House. I saw my first armed Canadian customs officials checking license plates. Wearing guns. No official insignia on their black t-shirts. Be sure to see my Flickr Opera House photos (link below) because the building is amazing. See the strip of tape that signifies US and Canadian seats.
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My Haskell Free Library & Opera House Flickr Set
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