Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clouds at the Clan of the Hawk Powwow

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We have had rain and storms every day for more than ten days and are saturated. The cloud formations have been gorgous though. This is a photo from Saturday, August 2 from the powwow that the Clan of the Hawk in Evansville (a village of Brownington and the site of the Evansville Trading Post). You can read more here and see more at my Clan of the Hawk Powwow Flickr Set.

Winter scenes of the Evansville Trading post here and here.

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  1. Those are special looking clouds. It must have been bringing in a storm or something. Wow.

  2. The clouds are amazing, aren't they? We've been in the same weather pattern over here in Maine and while I'm a bit tired of the rain, ;-) I have been enjoying all the varying clouds - they're awesome!

  3. Went to a Seneca Pow Wow when I visited friends in New York State and the dances and costumes were beautiful.


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