Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brownington Prospect Hill Observatory Quest (or: Playing with HDR)

Brownington Congregational Church (hdr image)

Our goal: the observatory on Prospect Hill (hdr image)

Start of road that we walked up

Left to right: Sophie, Scout (the Crazed Beagles), daughter Amelia, grandson Wingnut (hdr image)

raspberries by the road (hdr image)

unidentified flower

Sophie, Amelia, Scout (Owl's Head is in the background)

The Observatory (hdr image)
for historic information, click here

Southeast view: Tall peak, left: Bald Mountain. Little hump on the right: Haystack Mountain
(hdr image)
Turning clockwise:

Southeast view: Willoughby Gap: Mount Pisgah on the left, Mount Hor on the right. (hdr image)
Lake Willoughby inbetween them but cannot be seen. Turn clockwise again:

Western view: Jay Peak (the pointy peak almost in the middle) (hdr image)

Northwest view: South Bay of Lake Memphremagog in the midground. Lake Memphremagog is behind that (it looks like a blue circle). Owl's Head Mountain in Québec is the highest peak on the side of the lake. (hdr image)

See the treasure box in the rafters of the observatory?

Contents of the treasure box.

Geodetic survey marker at the bottom of the observatory.
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