Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wild Edibles: Wise on Weeds: The 3Rs of Invasive Plants

Wise On Weeds! is a program of the Nature Conservancy,
the Champlain Basin Invasive Plant Partnership and the Vermont Invasive Exotic Plant Committee
Wise on Weeds! Program in Vermont
For more information about the Wise on Weeds! program or to enroll your business,
contact or (802) 229-4425.

Learn to recognize the top invaders in Vermont.
invasive species are the second greatest threat to global biodiversity.

Remove invasive species from gardens and other areas with recommended control techniques.

Replant with a rich variety of non-invasive alternatives.
For a starting list of suggested alternatives download the Wise on Weeds! brochure
and check out the page on invasive plants in Vermont for some more information.


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