Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flowers & Moth

This looks like a sunflower or coneflower. It grew on a leafless stem about two feet (0.6 m) tall. I can't find this in any of my flower books. If you know, please tell me!

White spring moth (Lomographa vestaliata) on common milkweed.

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  1. Your photos are simply gorgeous! I have to say that I use your website often to share with my homeschooled children...they love seeing the macro photos you take! Of course they squawk at the bugs, but it's still so very cool to see them!!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. I think the flower must be some kind of sunflower and i think there are a lot. Well, maybe, anyway. LOL In my wildflower book it decribes a sunflower like you describe but the picture is a little different. Is your flower fully open? Ny book mentions the sharp, bristly hairs on all green parts. I will keep looking.
    I was just focusing on a white spring moth and zip off it went. Next time I guess. MB

  3. Beautiful shots! My first thought on the flower was a black eyed susan....but it may be too large for that. It has the same coloring though.
    Fabulous shots!!!


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