Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Daisy Fleabane

Used to fight fleas when flowers are tossed about the floors of a house.
Click the photo to see the deatil of the bee's pollen bags full of pollen.

You can see this bloom has a pink tint.

Erigeron annus
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  1. Daisy fleabane is the wildflower we have in abundance right now. It may not be the showiest bloom around, but does a great job of attracting pollinators. Great shots.

    Marvin @ Nature in the Ozarks

  2. I'm sure we have this over here but call it something else.. it sure is a beauty. I was surprized the bee could fly with the weight of the pollen. :O)
    I took a picture yesterday of a dandylion flower with 3 different insects on it.. I will show it soon.

  3. Very pretty. We have an Erigeron that is native to the Pacific NW and has lavender rays and blooms in the summer. (which it looks like we will never have. lol) MB


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