Friday, May 30, 2008

Sky Watch Friday: Lilacs and The Spider

My lilacs have finally begun to bloom, right on schedule, even though we had frosts for the last three nights. When clicked, these photos will open, full size, in a new window.
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  1. Hi, love the theme for SW nice sky and such great shots thats well framed of the spider and web

    pop and see my water features.

  2. Spiders always interest me. I followed one for a whole year or season and in the end watched her prepare for death and the next morning she was gone. I looked high and low for her and finally found her on the ground where she had fallen to when she died.

    They are extremely hard workers.

    I like your lilac photos.

  3. Andree: Very nice post for SWF.

  4. The pink sure shows off the blue of the sky to its best!

  5. If that spider takes freelance work, please tell her I need some new socks.

    This is outstanding, Andree. You have a great eye and a real ability for composing a photo.

  6. Lovely shots. :)
    Nice compositions.
    I have a bouquet with Lilacs in my livingroom right now. They smell heavely! :) Mmmmmm.....
    Have a happy weekend.

  7. Great pic. The spider must be attracted to Lilac because of the scent. haha. MB

  8. Beautiful... what a shame we can not have scratch and sniff..

  9. You have lilacs!! I'm so jealous. You should see the poor, tiny neglected little stick I've just found on our property. Poor thing.

    I'll keep trying to get a better picture of the buffle head. He's very striking, and so mellow. NOTHING frightens him. He just floats around all day, while his woman and kids take a fright at everything! lol

    Love your spider shot!


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