Sunday, May 11, 2008

Odd Shots: Manure Spreading

For some odd reason, I enjoy watching the farmers spreading manure on the fields. I was trying to capture the spray of liquid manure in the air, which you can see clearer if you click on the photos. They will open, full size, in a new window.

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  1. I always enjoy watching farm work!

  2. thank goodness they've not yet invented smelly-vision

  3. Here, here to the previous commentator.

  4. But the smell is ... pew!!!

  5. I enjoy watching farm work but this isn;t my favorite thing, I like the pictures and smell nothing.

  6. I do not find the smell that bad at all... when the local farmers are muck spreading it wafts over the housing estate I live on... folk hate it. It reminds me of open fields and smelly but fresh air ;o)

  7. Yup! It's in the breeze out here too. MB

  8. He heee, I like to watch it too. And I like the smell of manure in reasonable doses. Not too much, please!

  9. Smelly vision, he hee, I heard they were working on that.

    Reminds me of that movie--what was the name of it--with the young kid and the old woman . . . ? duh. The y liked funerals. And she had a smell machine. (oh never mind, I think I'm getting senile).


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