Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day


Step lightly on this narrow spot!
The broadest land that grows
Is not so ample as the breast
These emerald seams enclose.

Step lofty; for this name is told
As far as cannon dwell,
Or flag subsist, or fame export
Her deathless syllable.

Emily Dickinson
Welcome O. Brown Cemetery, Barton, Vermont
Photographed 25 May 2008
In this section are many Civil War Veterans
You do not see vandalism here; the frost is so severe in the winter
that the ground tips the headstones over.
Please see my posts here (a brief biography of one of the soldiers here)
and here (a brief history of Memorial Day).
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  1. Hi Andre,
    I posted a cemetery today too, even though it's not Memorial Day here in Canada, in which the headstones have been laid down because they kept tipping when the ground heaved. Unfortunately, I think they may be losing their clarity, which is unfortunate as it's a pioneer cemetry and the stones are dated 1830 to 1890.

    On the positive side, the East Gwillimbury historical Society is keeping photos and other records.

    Old cemeteries are so interesting!

  2. This is a nice post and tribute.. I have seen many and it as been nice viewing how other pay their respects.

  3. A lovely cemetary. I loke the older, small cemetaries. I visit them often, wandering and reading dates. MB


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