Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's A Calopterygidae!

Do you remember this bug from the aquatic insect and crustacean expedition? It's been identified by John & Jane Balaban at as Calopterygidae — the larva of a broad-winged damselfly. I have played liberally with the white balance in order to display features of the larva. The full-size photos will open in a new window when clicked. This has been cross-posted at my main blog, meeyauw.


  1. I thought sure it was a mosquito. Then I realized it would be very big and the bite would surely hurt enough that you would not pause for a photo.

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  2. Now this is totally interesting. So that is the larva of a damsel fly. Cool!!! Have you seen the larva of a Ladybug? It looks like a little crocodile, well sorta. I find this facinating. MB

  3. This is amazing. Is this guy friendly, and is that you underneath him?

  4. I would have guessed some kind of mosquito from Asia or someplace. Nice to know you are not being eaten.

  5. That's such a sharp close up of whatver it is, but i'm glad it's over there and not here!


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