Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Single Impression: Glory

Bright color
growing on an old fence —
Why do you reach for the sun
only to die?

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Photo: Morning Glory blossom at City Point Marina, New Haven, Connecticut
October 2006
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  1. Lovely photo. I like to think that the morning glory lives on in your photo and in the eye's memory. I like your poem, though.

  2. Lovely blue morning glory, reminds me of the ones growing up by our chimney. I like to think that flowers are renewing each new season.

  3. Nice photograph. Did you know this particular blue morning glory produces seeds and pollen that cause hallucinations? Bees look and act like they are totally drunk and fall down, can't fly, stagger on their heads, and in a minute or two fly right back for another hit of pollen. I wrote and photographed the process last summer.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

  4. Yes, why? This is a stunner, Andree. Wonderful. It brings home to me the brevity of our time here and the nature of a beautiful life.

    Old Man Lincoln's insights into the hallucinogenic power of this flower's offerings are all new to me, so I learned a lot here today.

    Writing in Faith: Poems

  5. This one set me thinking. The transience of life makes beauty bitter-sweet. Your poem reminded me that flowers, amongst the most beautiful things in the world, live for such a short time. I think this makes it all the more glorious when we see them again the next year.

  6. I love this beautiful flower! It holds so many memories of years gone by for me.

    The picture of such beauty on an old fence is captivating!

  7. What a beautiful Blue that is...


  8. just lovely, kind of sounds like the rest of us. Most people reach up, don't you think?

    Thanks to oldmanlincoln, now I know why I find bees
    "sleeping it off" in my garden occasionally!

  9. Such a stunning blue. Not at all familiar with this flower, so thnaks for shring. The carity on this is superb

  10. A timeless question posed at the end that applies far beyind the morning glory. This is a really special poem. I like its focus and implications, and pic is really great.

  11. Beautiful photo and what a great philosophical haiku.

  12. Morning Glories are a favorite childhood memory. I so enjoyed that they opened with the sun. I enjoy your lovely, sunny photo. :)

  13. This is one of my all time favorite flowers. I've tried to grow them here but havne't been successful yet.

    The poem made me sad! Brought Icarus to my mind, of all things.

  14. My friend has these flowers in bloom on her fence currently and told me on Monday they don’t last very long. Beautiful! I published OSI posts on each of my blogs this morning … with a different focus on each one.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Absolutely adore the vibrancy of this flower. But you need to be there at the right moment to enjoy its beauty.


  16. i think you really caught the beauty of glory... as a gardner i am often mystified by flowers that last for hours or even a day.. that one flower can be beyond beautiful and gone so quickly... can never bring myself to pick them..


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