Friday, April 18, 2008

Guess The Fungus

On our walks, Mr. T looks up for birds. I look down for other stuff. Like this. I'm hoping Tom or Marvin will stop by and tell me what this is — they know their fungi.

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  1. Looks like an old artist's conch to me. But I don't have all the info I need to be sure.

    Does not look like Polyporous squamosa.

    can you write on t? What does the BOTTOM look like?

  2. I mean write on the bottom with a stick--though in the early spring they don't write so well and this one doesn't seem to have a dark top. Though they fade with age.

  3. Andrée

    The secret is seeing the beauty of nature, even in the time of decomposition.

  4. Beautiful blog and subject.

  5. I just saw some of this the other day (or something similar?) and wondered what it was. Beautiful shots.

    How do you get the geese and otter to stay there for pics if you have your dog with you?


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