Friday, March 28, 2008

Sky Watch Friday: Snow and The Woodpecker

I haven't taken too many photos this week until today. I have had serious car problems and to fix the car, I can't buy my camera this spring. And I am, frankly, tired of taking landscapes while the snow if falling and blowing. I took this photo of this female hairy woodpecker this afternoon after school and it makes me smile. The woodpeckers are flirting brazenly in the tree this week (and the girl woodpeckers are carrying on in a nearly embarrassing fashion). They are a joy to watch. We are having a heavy snowfall this afternoon and tonight. 

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  1. She looks so young and innocent (great photo!) but that can be deceptive... us guys have to look out for "innocent women" and their nefarious intentions...

  2. What a lovely woodpecker!

  3. What a beauty she is... I have watched many birds flirting this way for a few week or so now. I hope you can get out and about soon..

    All the best

  4. WHAT a picture from thsi beautiful bird. I think she (or he?) is taking a shower... :-)

    Nice weekend wishes to you, from the middle of Norway.

  5. This photo remind the love of daughter, when she was child, for the woodpecker (animation picture)!
    This happened 30 years ago!


  6. Beautiful portrait photo.
    That is a lovely woodpecker.

    Have a great weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  7. Great capture. You did good with this shot.

  8. She is beautiful, and one thing about that spring can't be far off if birds are making whoopie LOL
    I think i heard one here yesterday just carrying on as well.

  9. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! My favorite post of the week!

    (and I can sympathize with having to give up getting your camera because of something else... your reason is car repairs - mine is taxes)

  10. I'm glad I saw your blog on the Daily Photo Portal. This is a nice photo and hey I have a siter named Andree too, so you have to be cool too.

  11. This is a wonderful photo, Andree. Sorry about your car problems! And the white landscape is getting very old this year, isn't it?

    By the way, I have my eye on a Cannon Rebel too.

  12. Andree,
    She looks ilke she might be wondering why it's still snowing, too! She is a beauty, and so very delicate looking.

  13. I love your woodpecker is just wonderful.
    My butcher gives me large pieces of suet for the birds.
    Suet is placed in onion nets close to my window. Here I can watch all our woodpeckers arriving and feeding as much as they like.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

  14. I thank for the visit and the comment!
    Marvellous post, Snow and The Woodpecker, I love this bird, we have also we in Greece the same species, but never did not accomplish to take his photograph.
    Very beautiful photograph.

  15. Absolutely marvelous! She's quite a pretty bird! And the snowflakes add a certain atmosphere to this photo that puts it over the top. Thanks for providing such an enjoyable shot!

  16. Awesome - and love those spire pictures above.

  17. This is a great shot, even with the snow. Take heart, spring is just around the corner.


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