Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Percherons

They live on the other side of the mountain.
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  1. These are wonderful. They are so big and elegant and serene.

  2. Very nice, vintage feel to your photos. The subjects are pretty photogenic, too ;-)

  3. very nice photos! i felt like i was there with you.

    mine's up - it's pure nonsensical funny stuff.

  4. I feel sorry for these helpless animals being in the field during winter. Happy WW!
    Totally Worn Out
    The Future Pianist

  5. My favorite horses.

  6. What kind of breed are these? they certainly look as if they can work hard.. very powerful chest and necks.. beautiful looking horse for sure.

  7. horses are so beautiful.....every time i see one, i am reminded of the hard working Boxer from George Orwell's Animal Farm.........and yes the Black Beauty is another favorite tale when it comes to horses :)


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