Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snow Brow

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  1. Lost nuts in snow lol.
    Great capture, with lots of feelings.

    Checkout my Great day of Memories with lots more to come.

  2. Hé I'm the first to comment. Wow,Wow,Wow I love this picture it can't be better.

  3. Cute! It looks like he's fixing to roll a snow ball and throw it.

  4. This is a great capture, our native Reds have been driven to near extintion by the Greys.. so to see this is so good.

  5. You asked about the Song our Song Thrush as..
    Try here.

  6. Very cute, it does look like your about to get hit.

  7. The Red Squirrel is magnificent! I hope you get a shot of some Chipmunks someday. I haven't seen chipmunks in 33 years (since I left New England)

    WillThink4Wine (Gandalf & Grayson's Mom)

  8. A PERFECT Caption for this shot! I see the "snow brow" :)
    Well Done!

  9. Is this my first visit here Andree?
    Stunning pictures but this squirrel was begging to be looked at, consider yourself fortunate that you have this wildlife on your doorstep.

    Thanks for your recent comments

    from South Shields Daily Photo


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