Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a mile west of my house. Hardscrabble Mountain is the mountain on the right in the background. A company in Boston wants to put many industrial wind turbines there. Despite the outcry of most of our population, they may be able to begin construction after mud season. When clicked, these photos will open, full size, in a new window. These photos are part of this week's Digital Photography assignment — Scenics. We have to do a series of five scenics for Thursday night's class. I don't like to take landscapes. They are difficult and, for me, boring. The weather is bad for scenics in the winter and it is always dark out when I leave school in the winter. You can see my sets for Willoughby Gap and the Missisquoi River.

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  1. These are beautiful pictures! At first I thought something was wrong with the bottom of the pictures because they all had white on them. lol. I'm not just right!

  2. This was too funny. Inpatient as I am, sat here waiting for the photos to open - but it seemed to stop half-way, scrolled down and the same with the second photo...it took me a while to realize that the photo WAS open, what I was looking at on the bottom 1/2 of each photo was the white snowy surface of Crystal Lake :)

    Slow down and smell the roses - yes, I will. :) Beautiful landscape and photos.

  3. Same here too, silly me, really good photos there.

  4. I think it is nice -- if something has to go in there -- to have wind turbines as opposed to a garbage dumb or landfill. The latter happened here in our general area some years back and they filled up an entire valley and now it is a landscapes large hill. I don't like it and don't go out of my way to see it.

    There is a problem with wind turbines and I guess there is concern that the birds sometimes flying into the blades. Here where I live a pig farm powers their whole operation with 6 turbines and they are almost noiseless. So the technology must have come a long way.

    I like your photographs. They all look cold to me. Or winter.

    Thanks for your visit to my birds blog.

  5. Beautiful series...I really like the changing colors in the sky.

  6. What lovely photos! I really enjoy your state!

    I would certainly appreciate your posting a condolence message in my blogs today for the wife of a good blogger friend...


    Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos

  7. Same thoughts as DOT.
    If you had only presented the third photo I would have commented only beautiful.
    All of the photos made me read text better and try to find out why. Expected to see windmills in one, but no.
    I love windmills, renewable energy turbines, and the beauty of the fallos

  8. Do people skate here? I think you have a lovely subject right there!

    Can you believe it's Thursday already? It's blustery over here in Norwich, but I hope you're having fun where you are!

    Norwich Daily Photo
    Your Love Coach

  9. Love the way you caught the same setting in different lights. Makes an interesting study.
    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  10. I think they are nice, landscapes are difficult indeed. My first thoughts were the same like Isadora.

  11. Landscapes, especially winter landscapes, can be boring all right, but as Steve said, you've done a great job of capturing the scene in different light conditions.

  12. I went thru the same thought process as Dot! That third shot is simply stunning!

  13. There are all very pretty.....but I love the one with the branches hanging down!!
    Very nice!!

  14. what a pretty name for the lake and i loved the one with the tree branches framing it..the third, i guess. wonder how it will look with the turbines on!!!!!

  15. I just linked to your blog from nother. These are beautiful winter shots. I am two states to your south and would kill to have your snow. I explored the rest of your blog and saw lots of lovely shots. I especially loved the sunset photos.


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