Monday, January 7, 2008

Car Repairs

Taylor's Automotive, Barton
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You know last week when it was -18°F (-28°C) and the windchill was twice that? That's when the heater blower motor in my car decided to stop. Friday the part was in so I stopped at Taylor's to have it installed. But the wrong part was sent (this happens every time to me) so they had to put the car back together and sent me home until this week when another part will come from Burlington. But now the motor works. And it is warmer. It'll be replaced this week sometime. Taylor's is the best car repair place I've ever used.

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  1. Lets hope you get it done this time, spose it will get warmer then hehe.

  2. It's always good to have a car repairman that you can count on.

  3. I like your photography as well as nice Vermont winters.
    Cheers from Rose City

  4. I laughed and I laughed when I saw this photo as I gazed across the waves lapping at the shore in my Mexican hideaway. (Sorry I couldn't resist this; I am SO happy to be away from ice and snow) Good luck with your car!!

  5. I am guessing there is a "The Rest of the Story" to this. I would not be afraid to bet that they ordered the wrong part in the first place. LOL That happens a lot.

  6. I love the amount of snow on show, but thats only because I'm sat here warm. I thik England would grind to a standstill if the temp dropped to -18... we would not know how to cope.
    As for a cars heater, my old Land Rover as gaps around all the doors, the rubbers handing off around some of the back withdows and the hearter is a standing joke.
    But for me thats all part of the fun of driving a 40 year old 4x4. ha!

  7. I am too busy admiring the beautiful snow. I WANT SNOW!!!

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