Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hair Appointment

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If it is school break week, it must be time for a hair appointment. I go up the road a mile then down the Cook Road for a couple miles, into Westmore (you know it is Westmore when the road is paved). And there it is: Golden Touch Hair Salon, where I catch up with the county's gossip news. We don't know why Westmore has paved the road. The salon is near Wheelock Mountain. But in the background you see Bald Mountain. 


  1. That is the most picturesque hair salon I think I have ever seen!

  2. This is a very nice location for anything. The photo is nice too.

  3. I love the "where the road is paved!" comment....coming from rural West Virginia...this really has true meaning! Love the photo and we -umm --I mean me- can't miss the hair appointment/gossip in my town either!


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