Friday, November 23, 2007

Two Funny Chickadees

Coming in for a landing.

These two chickadees were fighting over the suet feeder late this afternoon. These are not my best bird photographs today. For those, you have to go to the main blog, meeyauw. With wild enthusiasm, I put my best work there. But I hope that if you are a bird photographer you go to see the good ones and give me critiques so that I can improve. I never adjusted for the reduced light in the late afternoon for these two photos. I had to then do too much adjusting in iPhoto and got a lot of noise, which I tried to reduce.

Waiting her turn for the suet.

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  1. Hello my Chickadee,Said a famous comedian, his name escapes me at moment tho.
    Like your photos.

  2. W.C. Fields maybe. lol.
    Very nice pictures. I've seen some birds like that at my feeder but didn't know what they were.

  3. Lovely chickadees! I have them at my feeder...but they are quick and hard to capture. I've think you've done a fine job!!!!

  4. They thank you for having a feeder...I need to put feed in mine again.

  5. They are so cute. "waiting for her turn..." Did you assume it was a her? Unfortunately, my Gigi always walks away and waits for her turn when Ferko just come bopping up and takes over :(


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