Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sky Watch Friday: Blue Skies At Home

A few days of steady snow make a beautiful mountain ridge.
My House
Far right: original 1901 house
Middle: two additions, dates unknown, a porch in front and a big room behind
Far left: 1992 three-bay garage

If you click and view the photo full size, you may be able to make out the cliffs above the house.
Hawks and bobcats live up there.

The white house way down there? Me.
The peak of Barton Mountain is the highest point — 2,235 feet (681.3 m).
The area is deceiving. I am not at the base of the mountain. The house elevation is 1333 ft. (406.3 m). The village behind and below is at 990 ft (301.8 m). The beaver meadows are on the right.

When clicked, these photos will open, full size, in a new window.

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  1. Andree, you are a real pro photographer,I just love these 2 shots with snow and your house, wow and what a house too.

    The gas tanks are within the ironworks frame, but are nearly empty, when full the tanks raises up as they fill up with gas.

  2. This looks just like Norway - my country!
    It could be anywhere here!

  3. Beautiful. I wish we could get a snow. Just beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful place to live! Like Andrea, I wish we could get some snow.

  5. Wonderful shot, We just came back from Mt Bachelor our ski area, not much snow there for this time of yr.. it is only 18 miles from our house, so far we don't have any snow here. Not that we want it, but surely is much warmer with snow than just this cold weather we are having, being down in the low teens
    Love your house too.

  6. What a beautiful view you have! I love the snow. Honestly, the ski trip we went on last year was only the 4th time I had ever seen any...and that was the most I had ever seen at one time! We are going again in January, but to Winterplace this time. I hope there will be a good amount of snow there, by that time of the year. (By the way, thanks for your kind words on my blog!)

  7. Beautiful countryside. You are right - so close to Boston and yet. I've not been to Vermont since we lived in Boston and used to go up to Stowe and hike through NH.

  8. Nice shot of the view behind your house. Do the bobcats ever come down and bother your cat?

  9. Hi! I would think they would come down, but not this direction, or not in the day. Sometimes in the summer I hear them up there. The cats hear them and are terrified. Besides a repair person coming to the house, it is their most terrifying moment. I have heard that they may eat cats. But the other things: foxes, coyotes, hawks and fishers are a more immediate danger to the cats.

    Thank you for visiting!

  10. Beautiful sight, the snow. I have spent 25 years in the New Orleans area and seen snow twice. But last night... snow was all around me. In fact they say it will snow every night on Fulton Street. I'll have to post a picture.
    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  11. Man, those shots are beautiful! in florida we don't get a lot snow :) but you have really captured the spirit in your pictures!

  12. I agree with Petunia. This looks like Norway!!

  13. what a beautiful part of the world, you live in Andree :)


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