Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Bird At The Feeder

But what is it? It likes the thistles.
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  1. What a little beauty! Do you know what kind of bird it is?

  2. Funny that you post these birds today because I've been snapping pictures all day. One of my birds looks similar to this bird but yours is much fatter looking. Maybe you are feeding your birds better! I'll post mine for tomorrow and someone will tell us (hopefully) what it is. After looking in my bird book mine looks like a yeloow throated vireo.

  3. These are Amreican Goldfinches in winter plumage. In spring they will change back to their bright yellow breeding plumage. You can still see a little bit of their bright yellow under their chin. Note their conical, pointed, small beak and their black wings, clues to their identity no matter what plumage they have. They like thistle (Nyjer) seed and black oil sunflower seed at the bird feeder. Enjoy!
    Lillian and Don Stokes

  4. Thank you, Lillian and Don. I was so sure this was a grosbeak, but I've learned about winter plummage now! I appreciate that you came to help us out (and very honored because I admire you both so much).


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