Sunday, November 11, 2007

Green Monk Parrot

Also called Quaker parrots. They live wild in my daughter's neighborhood in New Haven, Connecticut. I was going through my photos and realized I had not posted this back when I visited her in October. It has been difficult for me to capture them in the camera because they hide in the foliage of the trees. I don't like the flash in the bird's eye. You can read about the problems the electrical company is having with the parrots here (they like to nest on transformers, as they are doing in front of Anna's house).
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  1. It must be nice to see them there, but at what price... I hope they can move on to somewhere that will not cause concern.

  2. They have these quaker parrots here in Miami, very pleasant to hear, on the vocal side :).

  3. That's kind of weird. I didn't know parrots hung out that far north.


  4. Interesting! I've never heard of thse parrots before.

  5. We had them in St. Pete, they seemed to like our bottle brush tree on occasion, but they would get too noisy at times, so many of them. I rarely saw them staying still though, glad you caught the photo.


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