Thursday, July 1, 2010

SkyWatch Friday 4.51: Driving Through a Rainbow

Looking east
On June 7 we had mountain rain showers passing through. There are a lot of rainbows here and we are always in awe of them. You can see several in one day here in the mountains. On this evening of the photographs, we had three rainbows in the south and east sky. This is one of them. Below is a photo of the western sky at the same time.
Looking west
My story is about yesterday, as I was driving on High Bridge Hill in the village. We had more stormy clouds and sun yesterday — at the same time. We saw at least seven rainbows as we drove eight miles. And suddenly, going up the hill, we actually drove through three more rainbows! It was an awesome experience. You thought that your car would hit it but of course it didn't. It wasn't solid color, and it danced on the surface of the road and up the hood of the car. I hope all of you can someday be in a rainbow!

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  1. Wow at least seven rainbows for 8 miles that is awesome. I haven't seen any rainbow here in my area I don't know why. Thank you for sharing the photo by this I see rainbow. Happy weekend!

    SWF:Fiery sky

  2. Such beautiful skies! And I love the rainbow! The colors are so rich! That must have been amazing to see that many rainbows! I'm sure it doesn't happen often! Terrific captures for the day! Happy 4th of July! Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for your visit/comment, always appreciated!!


  3. These are such beautiful sky shots and the rainbow is always such a treat. You captured the magic of the sky.

    Thanks for visiting mine and the tree is a crepe myrtle tree.

  4. Andree: Those were two neat sky shots for certain.

  5. Great shot and an amazing story too. Wish I had been there with you

  6. Rainbows truly are thrilling! This one has nice, vibrant colors! Awesome! Happy Sky Watch Friday!

  7. Beautiful rainbow shot. It's so dry where I live I seldom get to see them. Fun!


  9. I have never EVER seen the end of a rainbow. I can't even begin to imagine what a sublime experience that would be. Triple blessed are you.

  10. That is totally amazing. We see rainbows so rarely here, what an experience that must have been.

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  11. cool! i'm sure leprechauns are roaming around too :D love the rainbow in the midst of the dark sky and silhouettes

  12. Sounds very magical, Andree. I don't see many rainbows here but I get excited when I do.


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