Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bird Photography Weekly #110: Unidentified

I'm a lurker. I follow this bird meme but have never posted. I have been very slow this summer in editing my photos and have only begun editing July photographs. In July I began walking the woods' edge of our land to learn how to photograph birds in the summer, outside, with my new 250mm lens. This was my 2nd bird that I photographed . . . and I don't know what it is! The photographs are lousy but I'm hoping one of you will be able to identifiy this little one. I have since improved and hope to be able to participate regularly.

Thank you for your help, and I look forward to viewing other bird photos that you have up!



  1. Welcome to the meme! I enjoy looking at bird photos from all over the world - but cannot help you with the ID. The photos show an interesting habitat for birds around you.

  2. maybe some kind of winter wren, but I think he tail feathers might be too long. :(

    Photographing birds takes some getting used to. Lots of practise and you still get lousy pics. But get that perfect shot. :)

  3. Some birds are easier to photograph than others. Some won't stand still for a moment!

  4. You might want to contact your local Dept. of Fish and Wildlife office, or a local University or college. I find them very helpful when I'm looking for an ID. Keep shooting!

  5. Welcome to BPW Andree! That's a tough ID but I think it may be an immature Fox Sparrow.


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