Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Deep Breath: Found in Wandering

"Found In Wandering"

a wounded bird
a newfound friend
a sighing wind
a rustle of leaves
a taste of cool berries
a place of contentment
the hand of God
the meaning of life
the stillness of death
the roar of the sea
the touch of the sun
the fullness of time
your very last breath

Free haiku by Michael A Serafin. Photo: the woods and the beaver ponds across the road from my house. I find amazing things when I wander in the woods. This poem so powerful that it haunts me. I want to thank Michael for permission to use his poem.

Thank you for visiting.
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  1. You did a wonderful job of presenting my little poem, Andree. You are a good friend to have... and I treausre our long conversations together. I hope you find everything you are waiting and looking for, and that when these things come, that they bring you as much joy as you have brought to me.

  2. These works are well matched. This is a beautiful poem. The peaceful tone is matched by the peace of your photo.

    Beavers are wonderful animals. I love their landscape engineering work. (They show themselves consistently to be smarter than the public works crews throughout Connecticut. I don't know if that's an achievement or not, but it happens!)
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  3. Glorious photo and exquisite words. I loved my visit here! Thank you!

  4. Wow. It looks so cold and so pretty too.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. I have Beaver at The Swamp, where my office is located. They are marvels! We are constantly trying to strike a balance with them. They want it dammed up, we want it not to flood our garage! It's interesting. Your One Deep Breath is breathtaking!

    WillThink4Wine (Gandalf & Grayson's Mom!)

  6. Beautiful post, Happy Valentines Day to you and all your family

  7. the picture itself conveys so many thoughts and the poem is just as beautiful...

  8. It is amazing to have that in front of your house, wonderful.

  9. What a beautiful picture, and the words combined with that visual brought tears to my eyes...there is such a spiritual stillness in both. Thanks so much for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  10. Andree,

    What beautiful photographs. I haven't lived near snow since 1988 and seeing your work makes me long for the hush and crunch found in the snow.

    Thanks for stopping by Amputated Moon and leaving such a nice comment.

  11. love the photograph and you pick just the right poem to go with it.

    thanks for visiting my one deep breath.

  12. The photo is beautiful and so are the words.

  13. The photo is just perfect to illustrate the words. I've never seen a poem in that genre before - interesting.

  14. a very profound sentiment expressed here...with still beauty


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