Friday, June 18, 2010

Steam Locomotive Weather Vane

This weather vane looks like the old Engine 494 at the White River Junction train station in Vermont. The Great Railroad Stations site describes this weather vane as a "copper steam locomotive weather vane. The locomotive was modeled from one of B&M’s P-2 class, 4-6-2 Pacific’s. " If interested in history and trains in New England, this link is a good one to read. I was at the station twice in May. Once to pick up Andrew and Dan and once to take them back to the Vermonter to return to Washington, DC. There will be many more Vermonter photos coming up.



  1. What a great weather vane and shot against a beautiful blue sky.

  2. Very nice photo, beautiful sky


  3. This is a beautiful photo of a very unique weather vane. The sky is just gorgeous.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  4. very imformative thanks for sharing this one...and your photos are all awesome....

  5. We used to make trains here in Schenectady, but none like this beauty.


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